Factors I Considered Before Becoming an Esthetician

Picking a career is a major life decision. When I decided to become an esthetician there were numerous factors that I had to take into consideration before I chose to follow this path. These factors are universal and apply to anyone who is looking for a new job or career. At the top of my list of important factors would be job availability and pay. Job availability means how many jobs are out there for the number of qualified people to fit them. If there are more jobs available in a field, it means that you have a better chance of finding employment. Also as the number of jobs increases compared to people able to fill these positions, salary amounts tend to increase as well since your skills are now rare and in high demand. The next important factor would be how much money you can expect to make. There are many factors that can determine pay rate and this number can vary greatly within a field. Once you know that a given profession can provide you with a job and adequate pay, you can then begin to look further to see if its something you will enjoy doing.